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Reusable eco friendly sustainable food packaging

About Us

The awareness of global environmental protection continues to grow, the environmental protec- tion policies continue to tighten, and de-plasticization has become a global trend. To search a single-use plastic alternative product – paper or fiber that can be biodegradable and eco-friendly is the goal to many countries. Therefore, the biodegradable molded fiber products have been entering a period of rapid growth.
In recent years, EPakia Holdings has been seeking the solutions of sustainable and biodegradable packaging to replace the single-use plastic container with the concept of “low-carbon energy, healthy life”. EPakia has established headquarter in Washington DC and set up multiple ware- houses in US, also owns a supply chain and RD center of developing molds in China.

Eco-friendly ecological chain

Natural fiber back to natural land

Sugarcane goes through a pressing process to produce sucrose and bagasse. The bagasse, after being used as a container, can be composted, so it can be fermented into organic fertilizer and returned to the farmland to form a complete ecological chain.

Food safety Certificates

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